Getting Started:

  • Why do I need OTP?
    One Time Password (OTP) could be interrupted if your number has been listed as a DND with Telcos. Try ensuring it is off DND.
  • How do I register as a Biller?
    From the Billsnpay website click on “Become A Biller”. Follow the simple steps. OR click on “send bill” from the app and follow the prompts.
  • What if I don’t receive my OTP?
    If you don’t receive your OTP via SMS kindly input your email to receive OTP
  • Do i always enter my OTP receipts for transactions?
    Yes, an OTP would always be needed at Point of transactions completion.
  • Can I skip the verification process?
    Yes, you can skip Verification but you might not be able to enjoy full functionalities of the product. Verification is to ensure that you are KYC Compliant as a user
  • Do I always need OTP for login?
    No , You don’t always need OTP for login into the mobile app only when you are registering as a first time user.


  • How do I unblock a blocked account?
    You can unblock your account by contacting ( ).


  • I was debited but no credit (Airtime or Bill) why?
    Reason why you could be debited without getting airtime/data could be – pending debits or data auto renewal. Please share a screenshot of your receipt with ( who will treat and provide feedback within one hour.
  • I can’t save my card, why?
    Make sure your banking card is enabled for online transactions and if yes, it is enabled by your bank, Kindly contact
  • Will I be charged Convenience Fees?
    Some services on this Platform would attract a charge e.g., Services link Purse Funding, Send Money, Bills Payment.
  • How do I pay bills on Billsnpay?
    Click on Bills Payment on BillsnPay, select your preferred bill, Input the requested details and proceed to make payment.
  • What type of card can I use to make payments on Billsnpay?
    Any Card acceptable by your Bank is accepted on BillsnPay.
  • How do I buy airtime on Billsnpay?
    Click on Airtime on the dashboard, select your preferred Network and input amount, proceed to make payment.


  • How do I fund my Wallet?
    Click on fund Wallet Input the amount you desire Select the Payment method
  • What is my daily limit on BillsnPay?
    Your daily limit is determined by your bank.
  • How do I fund my wallet or Purse as a Biller?
    Click on ‘Fund My Account’ and follow the prompt. Your account will be credited with the amount requested shortly.
  • Will I get account statements?
    You can get your account statement in the Transaction History Menu.


  • How do I stop BillsnPay from sending me bill notifications?
    Either you pay the pending bill or contact the biller to mark your bill as paid offline or canceled.
  • How do I create an Invoice? How do I send to my customers?
    Login with your provided email and password, click on “Template” and follow the steps. OR click on “send bill” on the app and follow the prompts.
  • When my client pays offline, how do I show it?
    Go to send bills; and mark the person as paid offline. You would still receive reports with those who paid online and offline.


  • About BillsnPay
    BillsnPay is a bills presentment and payment platform, created to simplify the process of aggregating bill payments by service providers with either recurrent billing requirements of one-time billing. BillsnPay is a technology developed by CWG Plc.
  • Who are our Partners?
    Our Partners are MTN, Nigerian Banks and other fintech’s.
  • Who can use BillsnPay?
    Anyone can use BillsnPay. It's an ideal platform for all payment needs.
  • Is BillsnPay Secure?
    BillsnPay is a secure platform to facilitate payments between different parties. All transactions are highly secured.
  • How do I update my App?
    Visit the App Store on your phone and look for the Billsnpay app, you can click update for the latest version. If you don't see the update button, then your Billsnpay app is up to date.
  • Why is NIN information needed?
    As a method of detecting fraudulent accounts, we request your NIN details - your First name, Last name, Phone number, Date of Birth Please note, Billsnpay does not have access to your account information. You can get your NIN number by dialing *346* on your phone.
  • How can I know the working hours of Billsnpay?
    Our business hours are between 8am - 8pm (Mondays - Saturday) 2pm - 6pm (Sundays)
  • How do I resolve Dstv, Gotv, Startimes issues?
    Kindly contact support with the decoder number to confirm the status of the transaction
  • Why do you need my NIN?
    We need your NIN to Verify your real identity, to prevent fraudulent transactions, and to cut down on time needed to verify documents.
  • Can I make money from Billsnpay?
    You can make money by becoming a biller on the BillsnPay Platform thereby having access to better commissions on Airtime sales, Bills Payment and Funds Transfer.
  • Do you give loans?
    The Loan service isn’t available at the moment.
  • What do I need to open a Billsnpay account?
    Download the Application and Register your details. You will also be required to provide your NIN details.